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Ghost of Gonzo
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Ghost of Gonzo [userpic]

During this, the week that houses the 20th anniversary of a certain bitch

abandoning me in Savannah, Ga, which led to me (a month later) spending my 21st birthday homeless in a strange city... I look back on how we met and began our ill-fated relationship... or rather, WHERE.

Turner JobCorps Center..

This, led me to think about the other 2 JCCs I went to:

Earle C, Clements JCC:

-From this video, it seemes ECCJCC went all military since I've been gone. Apparently, it's a Jobcorps ACADEMY now!

Also, Clearfield JCC:

Just looking at these videos; It seems that all these JCCs have been rebuilt from the ground up since I've been gone.
Our JobCorps sites were fucking DUMPS when I attended.

Things change, I guess.

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