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Ghost of Gonzo
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February 2018
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Ghost of Gonzo [userpic]
It continues.

More goodness from my week:
On Thursday, hung out with duffy61 and watched part 1 of the 2 part season ender of Fringe. Awesome, as expected.
Friday was a day of rest, and I really needed it.
Saturday, I went to my very first roller derby match.
Bellingham Betties' Cog Blockers Vs. the visiting Hellbound Homewreckers.
Tough Love vs. FLASH (Whom I didn't know were part of the Betties. I feel so dumb for not rooting for them, now. Me being the superhero nut that I am.)
It was AWESOME!!
Lots of gorgeous girls there that day, on and OFF the track.

Sunday was back to work, but it was mellow. Later that night, I went to my first Fetish Night since January.
A friend I haven't seen in a while bought me a drink. (My second one, thus, I was pretty faded when I started drawing.
George's gf, Asia, asked me to help contribute to her zombie comic, and I agreed.
Got a bit of drawing done, and met a cutie named Lindsey who was a friend of G & A.

She offered to make out with me, as payment. (God, i love Fetish Night.)
So, after making out with her, and dancing with her (and I can't even DANCE) I gave her the drawing, and she took pictures with me in the new picture booth at Rumors, and Jesse's brother, Dave (frellingdargo) gave me a lift back home.
Even today at work was cool.
I skipped out on karaoke (AGAIN, dammit!) but I will go next week. It's been, like, 12 straight days of pure goodness. I needed this.

Goodnight, LJ.

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